The Falcon Playhouse Board

The Falcon Playhouse board is a group of dedicated student leaders from within the Falcon Playhouse. These board members assist in managing the upkeep and function of the Falcon Playhouse, as well as organizing events.



Alexis Sarabia (she/her)


"The President is responsible for the general upkeep of the playhouse. As president, I run board meetings, provide opportunities for thespians, and reach out to surrounding schools/organizations/theaters to expand our theater community. I help to make sure everyone in the playhouse feels heard and loved. I’m basically the mama bear of the playhouse❤️"


Hunter Cotton (he/him)


"As Secretary of the Falcon Playhouse, I work to organize and administer meetings, dedicated to helping the theatre. I work with the President, Vice President, and the rest of the board to assure that everyone’s voice is heard and aid with the board’s decisions. I am extremely proud of this hardworking Playhouse and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it."

VICE President

Diosdado 'Dean' Bisco (he/him)


"As VP I fill in for whenever our president is out and the two of us together lead the playhouse. I am tasked with setting a good example for the underclassmen just joining and the juniors who will eventually take our place. I also make sure that everyone on and off the board are all doing well even in a time when we can’t see each other in person. I hope that the foundation we seniors set now will be continued to be built upon so that the future of the Falcon Playhouse always remains bright."


Samantha Duggan (she/her)


"The Treasurer manages any and all of the financial endeavors of the Falcon Playhouse. From setting up fundraisers to paying for the building materials of our sets, I oversee the inflow and outflow of money. Additionally, I am the liaison between the Parent Foundation and our Student Board. We work together to provide the playhouse with the means to put on incredible productions!"


Natalia Darwish (she/her)


Madison Mercado (she/her)


"As publicists, we have the responsibility of updating the Falcon Playhouse's social media platforms and advertising for Falcon Playhouse shows and events. We also edit and update the Falcon Playhouse website that you're currently on right now! We work as a team to present the Falcon Playhouse the best we can. Although, that isn't very difficult to do with the amazing students who dedicate all of themselves and their time to theatre."


Nykolas Jared (he/him)


"As the technical representative, I keep the board as a whole updated on the technical theatre side of the playhouse and keep logs of the hours that actors and technicians spend at the theatre on productions."



Roy Shalev (he/him)


"Improv Captains are in charge of all improv related activities. We make the team, plan rehearsals, schedule improv shows/events and try to be funny. Emphasis on try. We do really try. Like, I'm not lying to you, we try. We tried™."


Ryan 'Ron' Haraden (he/him/they/them)


"As a Member at large, we are responsible for various ongoings of the Falcon Playhouse, filling needs as they arise. We are in charge of playhouse committees, of which I am in charge of the Play Reading Committee, and help in making general decisions in the Board in order to make the Falcon Playhouse a better place."

Kobe Germain (he/him)


"Members at Large are responsible for a variety of tasks. As a member at large, I am a liaison between thespians and fellow board members, I also work with the Playhouse Foundation in the transfer of information, I attend various meetings and help anyway I can, of course, I also participate in all of our Falcon Playhouse productions. Members at Large work as the boards worker bees, doing everything we can to support the Playhouse."

Ariela Schneiderman (she/her)


"A member at large has a multitude of responsibilities. As a member at large I am a thespian, part of the play-reading committee, plan the community outreach/volunteer events, help around with whatever task needs to be finished, and participate in all of the amazing productions the Falcon Playhouse puts on! I do whatever I can to help support the playhouse and keep the theatrical energy thriving!"

Garrett Henry (he/him)


"Members at Large are responsible for a variety of tasks. As a member at large, I am a part of the Play Reading Committee, I am sometimes a liaison between fellow thespians and fellow board members, I attend various meetings and fill in for absent board members every now and then, and of course, I participate in all of our Falcon Playhouse stage productions. I think of us as essentially the interns of the board, doing everything we can to support the Playhouse.