The Falcon Playhouse Board

The Falcon Playhouse board is a group of dedicated student leaders from within the Falcon Playhouse. These board members assist in managing the upkeep and function of the Falcon Playhouse, as well as organizing events.



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Natalia Darwish (she/her)


"I’ve been with the Falcon Playhouse since the beginning of my freshman year and I’m extremely passionate about theatre. Last year, I served as one of the publicists on the Falcon Playhouse board. In Falcon Playhouse productions, I typically only act, but I’ve recently gotten into costuming and hope to continue it in addition to acting for most of my senior year. As president, I run board meetings and generally help keep the playhouse in order. I’m always looking for new opportunities for the Falcon Playhouse to expand our community and grow. I do my best to help support and maintain the Falcon Playhouse’s professional learning environment and I participate in all Falcon Playhouse productions. I want everyone to have the best possible and most welcoming experience with the Falcon Playhouse. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything☺️"


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Madison Mercado (she/her)


"I am now a senior at Scripps and I’ve been apart of the playhouse since my freshman year. Typically I am part of the production team. I’ve been ASM multiple times and SM once. The secretary is responsible for taking notes during the board meeting and helping to ensure the board stays organized. Alongside the overall responsibilities of being a board member."

VICE President

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Garrett Henry (he/him)


"Waist-deep in Theatre, and there’s no turning back now! My passion is acting, but I also love technical work, singing, cycling, watching movies, and playing piano. If you have a cat then I think we have the potential to be best friends. The Vice President is third-in-command behind Mr Garcia and the President. My responsibilities include distributing tasks to board members, welcoming in and training underclassmen and newcomers to the playhouse, and fostering an overall positive environment in which everybody lifts each other up. Along with the other senior board members, we are also tasked with establishing a strong foundation for future generations of the playhouse, and with all the incredibly dedicated people here, I have no doubt the playhouse will thrive long after we leave."


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Ariela Schneiderman (she/her)


"As a senior, this is my fourth year with the Falcon Playhouse. I am so beyond passionate about theatre and have performed in over 20 productions over the past 12 years. In my free time I LOVE to sing, play the piano, tap dance, cook, and go to the beach. I plan on studying film in college to pursue a career in the entertainment industry! In addition to having a voice in decision making, the treasurer handles the Falcon Playhouse’s finances. As the treasurer, I organize fundraisers, help plan the budgeting, and oversee the business side of the playhouse. Additionally, I serve as the liaison between the parent foundation and the student board. With our combined efforts, we plan and fund the playhouse’s theatrical endeavors and astounding productions. Along with the other student board members, I ensure that the Falcon Playhouse is a positive and uplifting environment for all!"


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Mika'la Chiaco (she/her)


"I enjoy being with my friends, writing music, playing sports, driving around town with friends, going to the beach, and baking/cooking for the people I care most about. As one of the co-publicists, we are in charge of creating different posters and advertisements to keep the members of the falcon playhouse and those outside up to date with our latest events, fundraisers, and shows. We also run the various social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which everyone should go follow."


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Nico Standifer (he/him)


"I like to eat cashews and listen to violin. I keep track of hours and advocate for technicians."

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Sarah Shea Norton (she/her)


"I am a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School and began my theater journey with the Falcon Playhouse my freshman year, but I had experience performing before high school. I enjoy spending time with friends and family along with acting, singing, and binging Netflix in my free time. My position as a co-publicist is to display The Falcon Playhouse to the public as the amazing company it is. My co-publicist and I update and edit the website you’re currently viewing this on, along with the Falcon Playhouse’s many other social medias!"


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Isabella Horie (she/her)


"Hi! my name is Isabella and I am this years Historian. I am honored to be the first in this new position on the board and excited to better the playhouse with my fellow members. I have done eight shows with the playhouse in various tech positions which has opened me up so many exciting opportunities!! The historian preserves the falcon playhouses history of shows through documenting the building and rehearsal process in photos and newsletters."


6916400E-87A8-432C-A3C7-8C8A219A65F1 - Camille LaPlante.jpeg

Camille LaPlante (she/her)


"I'm a thespian who loves theatre, dance, music, and nature. I enjoy laughing with friends and going on adventures with them. Members at Large have a variety of responsibilities. We attend various meetings, sometimes fill spots when other board members are absent, lead and/or be part of Committees, of which I am part of the Outreach Committee, and we overall help in anyway we can. We also participate in all of the Falcon Playhouse's productions, and act as a friendly face at events. As a Member at Large, I do whatever I can to support the Playhouse."

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Christopher Klacka (he/they)


"I do martial arts and play the euphonium. I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends. I love working hard and watching the playhouse thrive.As a member at large, I will help to start projects such as environmental cleanups and fundraisers. I am co-heading the play reading club with Michael Chen. It is also the member at large’s responsibility to offer their ideas and viewpoints to help to better the board as a whole."

IMG-4743 - Michael chen.jpg

Micheal Chen (he/him)


"I am from Hawaii and moved here during the 6th grade. I enjoy drawing and have been drawing for 3 years, I also enjoy hiking. The members at large fill various roles as they arise. We have a multitude of resposibilities. For example, planning community events and being a example for fellow actors and technicians. I also cochair the playreading and banquet/election committees."


Ashley Claire Marchesini (she/her)


"I am a pretty chill person, i like helping others. I do like keeping things organized. Being with friends and the theater family makes me happy. I love being involved and being able to volunteer/participate in any way possible. As a member at large I help set up fundraisers/events/etc.  serves on committees, review agendas and participate all meetings, adhere to the societies leader ship expectations."