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The Falcon Playhouse Board

The Falcon Playhouse board is a group of dedicated student leaders from within the Falcon Playhouse. These board members assist in managing the upkeep and function of the Falcon Playhouse, as well as organizing events.



mika’la _edited.jpg

Mika'la Chiaco (she/her)


"Theater is my passion. Before I settled with theater, I bounced around trying to find what bubble would fit me and my interest. From lacrosse and soccer to figure skating and choir, I could never find what time ignited my passion to its highest potential. But when I found theater, I never turned back; my passion exploded into a waterfall of creativity. I spent every day living in the playhouse, every hour of my life was dedicated to the pursuit and success of the theater. When I’m outside the playhouse, however, I thoroughly enjoy song writing and playing music, all in effort of practicing the skills I’ve long developed over the years. I also spend much of my time working as I prepare myself for college and beyond. I am so excited to be your Falcon Playhouse President of 2022-2023!

As president, my role is to maintain order within the playhouse by running meetings and representing the playhouse as a leader. I do my best to expand the Falcon Playhouse’s community, making it a safe and welcoming place for those to create amazing theater. I do my best to support and maintain the Playhouses professional learning environment whilst also participating in the many productions. If you need anything, feel free to reach out! :)"


Favorite play/musical: Legally Blonde and Newsies

VICE President


Sarah Shea Norton (she/her)


"I am a Junior at Scripps Ranch High School and began my theater journey with the Falcon Playhouse my freshman year. I enjoy spending time with friends and family along with acting, singing, and listening to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift in my free time.

My position as a Vice President is to uplift the Falcon Playhouse, welcome newcomers, and give other board members tasks. As a upperclassman it’s my job to set a positive example for underclassman. I strive to make the theatre as loving, inclusive, and fun as possible!"

Favorite play/musical: Hamilton



Camille LaPlante (she/her)


"I've been with the Falcon Playhouse since my freshman year, with this being my second year on the Falcon Playhouse Board. I am extremely passionate about theater, and have been acting in shows since second grade. When I'm not acting, I love to read, write, tap dance, and hike.

As secretary, I am responsible for taking notes during board meetings, keeping the board organized, and fulfilling the overall duties of being a board member."

Favorite play/musical: Hamilton



Demian Deonarine (he/him)


"I like to play videogames and make music.

As the treasurer, I organize fundraisers and events for the playhouse. I will oversee the business aspects of the playhouse, and act as the liason between the parent foundation and the board."

Favorite play/musical: Little Shop of Horrors and Les Miserables



Ashley Ebert (she/her)


"My name is Ashley and I do theatre (obviously)! I love it so much because acting and singing have always been such huge passions of mine. Theatre makes me feel at home wherever it is and helps me make connections with so many wonderful people. In addition, I enjoy fashion and beauty. In my free time, I hang out with friends, sing, or practice a new makeup look. I would describe myself as determined, caring, and passionate.

As one of two publicists, my job is to help the playhouse reach new audiences and attract new viewers into our shows as well as new members into our theatre family. Through publicizing, it gives our playhouse a platform to make our art more widespread. I'm very excited to hopefully grow our playhouse's impact on our community this year!"

Favorite play/musical: Heathers



Michael Chen (he/him)


"I am a thespian of the falcon playhouse and was member at large last year. I came from Hawaii and moved here for 6th grade. Since then I have found interest in drawing, hiking, and skateboarding.

The tech rep keeps track of hours as well as advocates for the technicians in all aspects. In a word we represent the technicians."

Favorite play/musical: Into the Woods



Everett Wall (he/him)


"Hi! My name is Everett and I’m going to be a Senior this year at SRHS. I’ve loved theatre since I was a young kid, and have enjoyed being a part of productions with the Falcon Playhouse since my Freshman year. I love music, traveling, baking, and spending time with my thirteen year old rescue dog, Capri!

The role of Historian is relatively new to the Falcon Playhouse, and I can’t wait to continue to define the position as an integral part of the FP board! The historian is in charge of preserving the playhouse’s history, which I plan to do by documenting previous FP history as well as the history we continue to make today!"

Favorite play/musical: Rent and Next to Normal 


Nathaniel Feria (he/him)


"I like to do art, like drawing, digital art, playing music, and acting. Although I do some of those things for school, I enjoy doing it in my free time.

I work with Ashley to help publicize shows, auditions, fundraisers, or any other events either on social media or by spreading the word."

Favorite play/musical:  The Hunchback of Norte Dame



Chris Klacka (he/they)


"I love theater and everything about it, and I’m super excited to be on the ‘22-‘23 falcon playhouse board! While my true passion is band, I enjoy both acting and teching in our shows, and participate in the theater as much as I can. My favorite things about theater are stage managing and singing.

A tech rep counts the hours accrued by members of the playhouse, to check if they’re eligible to be a thespian."

Favorite play/musical: Hadestown

Member at large


Abbey Leader (she/her)


"I am very excited to be a part of the Falcon Playhouse Board! I have been doing technical theatre since middle school and became a thespian at the end of my freshmen year. I love the community of acceptance, hard work, and dedication that the Falcon Playhouse has built, and would love to contribute to growing and developing the program! Outside of theatre I enjoy playing water polo and swimming and have been playing for 3 years.

As a member at large I bring ideas to the board and help wherever I am needed. We can help lead committees and be a good example and leader to other actors and technicians."

Favorite play/musical: Dear Evan Hansen

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