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The Falcon Playhouse Board

The Falcon Playhouse board is a group of dedicated student leaders from within the Falcon Playhouse. These board members assist in managing the upkeep and function of the Falcon Playhouse, as well as organizing events.



IMG_4065 - Roshen Pillay.jpeg

Roshen Pillay (he/him)


Since 8th grade, Falcon Playhouse has been my home away from home. Theater is such a magical and transformative art form, and I have grown to enjoy every second of it, whether that be on or backstage. I am so grateful for the connections and friendships I have made here, and I am honored to serve the Playhouse as the President for the 24-25 season. As president, it is my job to continue to promote and encourage the warm, welcoming environment we have at the playhouse. I also take care of many planning and management jobs, keep the board running smoothly, and push the playhouse in new directions, so we can do bigger and greater things! When not acting, I enjoy playing tennis, robotics, hanging out with my dog, drawing, and listening to the goat himself, Kendrick Lamar.


IMG_5817 - Jett Tamayo.jpeg

Jett Tamayo (he/him)


Hello! I’m Jett, a junior and the current secretary for the Falcon Playhouse Board! I care a strong passion and dedication to theater, and am excited to improve the Playhouse as a board member for another year. Outside of theater I love psychology, martial arts, video games, running, and violin. I can’t wait to see everyone here either in the audience or besides the rest of us onstage!

VICE President

504C312C-61CB-4C79-9F0F-9FE1B19D9C8A - Stella Hunter.jpeg

Stella Hunter (she/her)


As a Senior and Vice President I’m excited to help assist the board in any way I can to help better the playhouse by helping foster its welcoming atmosphere and continuing the safe space that is the Falcon Playhouse. I help make sure board stays on track by holding everyone responsible and helping out the president in any way I can. Outside of theater I love reading books such as ‘The Raven Cycle’ by Maggie Stiefvater. I also love writing stories and plays and I of course love to sing and act. I love watching shows like ‘Hair’ and ‘The Outsiders’ and I plan on pursuing musical theater in college. I hope to be a friendly face that anyone in the theater can come up to at any time with questions.


IMG_9313 - Georgia Huntington.jpg

Georgia Huntington (she/her)


I am currently a senior at the Falcon Playhouse, and I am so excited to be your treasurer for the 2024-2025 season! I plan on pursuing a career in stage management and attending college for theater. I love to bake, hang out with friends, go to the gym, and go to the beach. I am very passionate about the arts and all the good that it can do for people. I have been a member of the playhouse since freshman year and served as a member at large on the 2023-2024 playhouse board. I mostly stick to stage management within technical theater, but I am well versed in all aspects of tech. Here’s to An Amazing Season!!



Kara Malcangio (she/her)


Hi, my name is Kara, and I am currently a Junior at the Falcon Playhouse. I am one of the 2 publicists alongside Mia. As one of the publicists, I help manage our social media pages and our community publicity. In my free time I love to listen to music like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars also I love to hangout with my friends and go to the pool. In addition to that I love to dance, my favorite part of dance is getting to learn new styles and expand my knowledge in the huge world of dance! This year is going to be an amazing year, and I look forward to the amazing season ahead!

IMG_1276 - Mia Shemer.jpeg

 Mia Shemer (she/her)


I am a senior at Scripps Ranch High School and am excited to enter my fourth year with the Falcon Playhouse. I still remember joining the theater elective for fun at Marshall Middle School, not knowing it would grow into one of my biggest passions! I love art in all its forms painting, baking, music, and theater are integral parts of my life. This year, I’m thrilled to use my creativity as a publicist for the Playhouse alongside Kara. My main goal is to ensure that important information, whether it’s about auditions, meetings, fundraisers, or performances, reaches everyone in a fun and artistic way. I strive to set a positive example for underclassmen by promoting an inclusive and loving environment, ensuring our social media content reflects and values every role..



File_000 - Arshaya Nagavekar.png

Arshaya Nagavekar (she/her)


I am thrilled to be a part of the Falcon Playhouse Board for the 2024-25 year! I have been doing tech theatre since 7th grade and have done every production at the Falcon Playhouse since the start of my freshman year. I joined Thespian Troupe 8473 at the end of my freshman year. I also enjoy longboarding, reading, and sketching in my free time. As the Tech Representative, I manage the tracking of Thespian hours and propose ideas that will support the needs of our incredible technicians. The Falcon Playhouse has been a home away from home for the last three years, and I am thrilled to help the theatre grow!

IMG_4110 - Clare Nguyen.heic

Clare Nguyen (she/her)


Hi! I’m so excited to take on the role of Historian and be a part of the Falcon Playhouse for one more year. I’ve been doing shows here since my freshman year as an actor and a technician, and the experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I especially love being onstage along with my cast mates to tell stories and inspire others through the art of theater. Outside of performing, I like to read, do gymnastics, listen to music, and spend time with my friends. As a Historian, I get to hone my creativity to display the Playhouse’s past achievements, productions, and alumni while also capturing the essence of and documenting the present. I am very passionate about making new memories and creating the same safe space in the theater that I have found through this playhouse!

Improv representatives

IMG_2354 - Reese Chell.jpeg

Reese Chell (she/they)


Hello!!! My name is Reese and i’m a Senior. I have been with this playhouse all of high school and wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m am one of the Improv Representatives. Some of my hobbies are playing with my dogs and hanging out with friends. You would be luck to find me without a backwards cap on and not rooting for the Padres. Much love and can’t wait to be Improv Rep!

IMG_4055 - Jaden Richardson (1).jpeg

 Jaden Richardson (he/him)


I am one of the Improv-Reps, which is someone on a board who represents the improv team. As an improv rep, I manage the improv lunch meeting where we talk about improv, do improv, and even improv our improv. We plan improv shows, improv meetings, and even improv workshops. This year, we will go to an improv festival, an exciting improv event for all improv enthusiasts. My role as an improv rep is all about improv, making sure our improv team has the best improv experience possible with lots of improv opportunities.


IMG_9139 - Lillian Wrieden.jpeg

Lily Wrieden (any/all)


Hi, my name is Lily and I am in twelfth grade and a member at large. Theatre is one of my greatest passions, I enjoy the community of the playhouse and working with others. Outside of theatre, I enjoy writing and playing guitar.


IMG_0808 - Ayla Nadjem.jpeg

Ayla Nadjem(she/her)


I am a Sophomore and a Member at Large for the 2024 - 2025 school year! Theater has been a huge passion of mine for so long. I have been doing shows since I was in fourth grade. Theater is what I spend most of my time doing, but besides that, I like to draw, listen to music, read, rollerblade, and bake. As Member at Large I am so excited to be able to contribute ideas of all kinds to the theater. It is my second home and where I see some of my favorite people so I want to be able to help it grow in any way I can!


IMG_4402 - Yu Tong Chan.jpg

Bianca Chan (she/her)


Hey! My name is Bianca and I am a sophomore in the Falcon Playhouse. This is my first year on the board as member at large, a position that strives to represent the entire organization and assist my fellow board members by providing ideas. During my free time I enjoy listening to music artists such as Laufey, Wave to Earth, and a variety of other genres. My biggest hobby is art, both digital and traditional, along with painting. I also enjoy video games and writing short stories to capture my imagination. The playhouse has embraced me like a warm family from the moment I joined and I found myself enjoying the possibilities of theater. I look forward to doing shows and working with the board in the 2024-2025 season!


IMG_1057 - Jadyn Butcher.jpeg

Jay Butcher (she/they)


As a senior, this will be my fourth and final year with the Falcon Playhouse. I’ve participated in every production since I was a freshman, accumulating over 1300 hours and earning the title of National Honors Thespian, so I have a lot of experience in theatre: as an actor, technician, dancer, and leader. I’ve held positions such as Scenic Charge, performed as Understudies, Supporting Roles, and Ensemble, and served as Improv Captain for three terms, serving as one of our two improv representatives last year. I’ve also designed some of our production posters! As a member at large, I act as a representative for our playhouse in board meetings, discussing your ideas with our officers from a different perspective, helping with various committees, and overall just being a friendly face in the playhouse you can talk to! I strive to collect ideas and feedback from our active members and act as somewhat of a liaison between the board and our troupe members to make sure they get discussed, since approaching officers out of the blue or speaking out without a guaranteed audience can be intimidating. Outside of theatre, I enjoy photography, ballet, painting, and volleyball, as well as sewing, reading, directing, and writing. I dabble in many different areas, so I consider myself a jack of all trades!  If you ever have any questions about the playhouse or otherwise, I’ll always be willing to lend a hand and answer to the best of my ability! @jaybutcherr

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