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The Falcon Playhouse Board

The Falcon Playhouse board is a group of dedicated student leaders from within the Falcon Playhouse. These board members assist in managing the upkeep and function of the Falcon Playhouse, as well as organizing events.




Demian Deonarine (he/him)


I can't wait for another great year with the Falcon Playhouse! My personal passions are playing music, writing songs, and playing video games. In theatre, I love being able to share the stage with a group of talented individuals to put on shows that move people. I am the President of the board this year, and I, as President, will start and help run board meetings smoothly, making sure the Falcon Playhouse stays a wonderful place those who are involved!



Jett Tamayo (he/him)


Honestly I’m still in shock that I even got into Board this year. I’m so so happy to be here as the secretary, to help take meeting notes, organize tasks, and help the Board run smoothly. As a person, I love anything to do with the arts, whether that be singing, dancing, drawing, acting or playing an instrument (I’m a ten-year violin player). I also enjoy reading, playing video games, martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) and running (hence the name) in my spare time. I absolutely love theater due to the incredible environment and friend-family that it has fostered, and in only the few years that I have been doing it, it has consumed my life in the best way possible. Always remember to enjoy life, and hopefully I’ll see you at the shows!

VICE President


Camille LaPlante (she/her)


I've been with the Falcon Playhouse since my freshman year. Now, as a senior, this will be my third year on the Falcon Playhouse board. I am extremely passionate about theater, and have been acting in shows since second grade. When I'm not acting, I love to read dystopian and fantasy novels, write plays and stories, dance, sing, and hike. As Vice President, it is my job to maintain and further the Playhouse's welcoming environment, uplifting everyone and creating a safe space for people to partake in theater. I also help keep the board on track, divvying up jobs, making sure others are held responsible, and helping out the president and the board in any way I can. I try my best to be a role model who is positive and approachable. I also strive to make the Playhouse grow to new heights!



Roshen Pillay (he/him)


I’ve felt at home here at the Falcon Playhouse ever since I started doing shows in 8th grade. When I’m not onstage I enjoy karate, tennis, video games, drawing, and listening to Kendrick Lamar on repeat. As treasurer I oversee the Playhouse’s finances, organize events and fundraisers, as well as act as the liaison between the student board and parent foundation. I’m looking forward to keeping the Playhouse funded this year so we can continue to put on excellent theater.



Sarah Shea Norton (she/her)


I am a Senior at Scripps Ranch High School and began my theater journey with the Falcon Playhouse my freshman year. I have always been drawn to performing and appreciate how much of an outlet theatre has been for my creativity. I am extremely passionate about acting and hope to positively influence others with my dedication. I enjoy spending time with friends and family along with acting, singing, and listening to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. My position as a Publicist is to manage all of our social media platforms, along with our website! Lucas and I keep the community updated to promote The Falcon Playhouse. As a publicist I hope to spread The Falcon Playhouses outreach and gain new members/supporters. As an upperclassman it’s my job to set a positive example for underclassman. I strive to make the theatre as loving, inclusive, and fun as possible, while including people on our various social media platforms.


Lucas Kwan (he/him)


Hello!  I am a senior with the Falcon Playhouse who is fairly new to the world of theater, as I have focused on a wide range of arts, from French Horn to Ballet. However, I have been with the playhouse for just over a year now and I'm so excited to embark on my second one. I am beyond blessed to have found the playhouse as a place to start a new chapter in my performing arts journey and be in a place where I can find myself through acting. Theater is my home away from home and growth zone and I am honored to take on the role of the publicist to evolve not only as a leader, but as a human being. As a publicist, I advertise and market for the Falcon Playhouse, alongside Sarah Shea, through a range of social media platforms. My main goal is to not only inform our audiences but connect and talk with the community around me through convenient, fun, and appealing content.



Abbey Leader (she/her)


I am so excited to be Tech Rep this year on board and use my love for theater to better support and represent the technicians of the Playhouse. Throughout my time at the Falcon Playhouse I have worked as Scenic Charge, ASM, and Stage Manager. I love getting to stage manage and bring a production together from start to finish while working with all of the talented and dedicated actors and technicians in the Playhouse. Outside of theatre, I play waterpolo and enjoy painting and spending time with friends.



Noah Valdez (he/him)


Hello! I am Noah Valdez, a Senior in the Falcon Playhouse. Outside of the Playhouse, I enjoy playing guitar, skateboarding, and working out with my friend Michael. Theatre is an extremely social environment, and my passion for it stems from the companionships I make with my fellow cast and crew throughout each production. I am taking on the position of Historian, where I get to display the Playhouses past achievements, productions, and alumni, while also having a heavy focus on representing and documenting the present. I am eager to shine a light on my fellow cast and crew, helping them make their mark on the Falcon Playhouse.



Nathaniel Angeles Feria (he/him)


My name is Nathaniel, I am a senior, and I am a member at large for this seasons Falcon Playhouse Board. Being a Member at Large allows me to bring up more broad and general ideas for the playhouse, help around with other position members' goals, and run committees. Outside of being on board, I enjoy the connections and life lessons that I have gained from my experiences in the Falcon Playhouse. Outside of the theatre, I also enjoy playing and listening to a lot of music, different forms of design, and going around places without using a car as much as I can.



Georgia Huntington (she/her)


I am a Junior and a Member at Large for the 2023-2024 school year. In addition to theatre, I play waterpolo for the high school. I love going to concerts and listening to music. I hope to attend college in a big city such as Boston, NYC, or Chicago. I love working in theatre because of the environment and all the dedicated people working towards the goal of having a smooth show. I love watching theater because of all the emotions and seeing good storytelling. A Member at large sits on the board to give their opinions and come up with ideas, without having a specific job description. They lead committees and help other board members that require assistance. Here's to the 2023-2024 school year! 



Arshaya Nagavekar (she/her)


I am thrilled to be a part of the Falcon Playhouse Board for the 2023-24 year! I have been doing tech theatre since 7th grade and have done every production at the Falcon Playhouse since the start of my freshman year. I joined Thespian Troupe 8473 at the end of my freshman year. I also enjoy long boarding, biking and sketching in my free time. As one of the Members at Large, I introduce fresh ideas to the other board members and assist them with the execution of their plans. I also help manage and lead the committees. The Falcon Playhouse has been a home away from for the last two years and I am thrilled to help the theatre grow!



Reese Chell (they/he/she)


Hello! I am a Junior and I have been with the playhouse for 2 years now. I like to cook and play with my dogs Booboo and Ollie. Theater to me is a way to express myself and I have found a 2nd home with the Falcon Playhouse and it’s members. As a member at large, I assist other board members and represent a voice for the playhouse.



Michael Chen (he/him)


I am a big fan of skateboarding, (probably the best skateboarder on board) drawing, and being nefarious. I've stuck with the Playhouse for 3 years and have enjoyed all of it. The theatre is a timeless art form that offers a magical experience through live performances. It allows for a range of emotions. It's a great way to connect with others and be inspired by the talent of performers. I am member at large, someone on a board who represents the entire organization. A member at large needs to understand the organization and communicate with many people.

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